End of the World

There are so many situations which arise in our life and make us feel like its the end of the world.
When a kid loses his favourite toy or when a graduate fails to get a job. When you realise your marriage isn't working out or you teenage daughter is pregnant. Everyone at some point in their life have felt helpless , the world has ended for them. But this 'phenomena' I'd rather say makes us realise that world never really does end right? Even after we have cried our eyes out the world goes on. The sun rises and a new day begins, just like that, like it should. We wait for the pain to end always. But the fact is that pain doesn't ends or rather we don't feel it anymore because we realise how to deal with it.
But now the philosophers and soothsayers are going on and on about how the world WILL end on 21st Dec 2012 (or the date has changed someone just informed me) and that gets you thinking all over again...
The end of the world situation is right here. In the literal sense of the saying. Or is it?
Yes, I'm a skeptic because you see, someone just told me that the world won't end unless I keep my rendezvous with a specific someone. Nevertheless, the question and the date still loom over us making us think about what if it really is the end of the world.
Well I ask.. So what if it is?
Yes, we all have wanted to have that perfect last day on the dear planet Earth surrounded by our loved ones but hey! who plans their last day? Or when have ever.. like ever.. such things have happened as per the plans. All I want to say is that no matter if tomorrow is the day earth ends the fact is that we don't know when our last day on Earth will be. So never miss an opportunity to say I love you and mean it. Never forget to say a sorry or even a thank you to someone. Cherish all you have while it lasts instead of taking it all for granted. Have less regrets to remember and more of the laughter to cherish. Believe me even the worst of the nightmares will pass even the doomsday will. And you might never know when your last day might be so keep those smiles on guys. Even death might not want to take you away seeing your beautiful smiles!
PS. Hope we all survive the doomsday. Or be well prepared for it with the fanfare!


  1. Nice work Maini!
    *thumbs up*

    We all did survive this so said doomsday....
    So lets
    and not regret anything that makes us happy :)


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