Friendship Is All I Need

Friends are the only one who actually help us through a bad time. Obviously family will always be there but the place of friends is something else in everyones life.  So many times when we fall apart just a hie from a long lost friend makes us smile. A call to a girlfriend after a breakup is all you need or a call to a guy friend to realize that people cherish you.
I remember standing up for a girlfriend few months back and through all of it I was there with her. Today, I know, when I’m in some soup she’ll be the first one to stand by me. And there is this one girl from my school who I abruptly stopped talking to for few years and now she is one of my closest buddies. Some friendships have sprung from the most unlikely spheres of my life. And somehow they have stuck for so long. Amen to that!
Then there are those kind of friends who you don’t need to talk to often but still they are the ones you share the happiest moments of your life with. Who whenever there’s anything important you straight away call up regardless of the time, yes those 4A.M. friends.
Oh! And how could I forget, the Tom and Jerry buddies! All we do is bickering and name calling; I have an orangutan, a bear, a beagle and a squirrel as friends. I’m the cat among them. Yes guys! A whole zoo! See, even writing about them makes me smile. That’s friendship for me!
Or those cherries of the pies who always, invariably make us laugh and for them irritating us is the best way to make us smile. For all this and more we have the ‘sisterhood’. A term I coined in hostel for all those gorgeous girls there with whom there is laughter and tears and sneaking around to the Golden Temple. Cheers to you girls!
And now we come to those betrayals and treacheries we have suffered, friends who you always thought would stick up for you but they don’t. Who break your trust or leave you in the middle of a chaos. When you need someone the most and they leave you that is the time you can actually hear the crack in your heart.
But these are the times that we meet people who actually stand by us. Who, regardless of the fact that we don’t know them, help us out when we need someone the most.
 Those ‘by chance’ friendships are what are meant to last. And that’s when you realize you were friends with someone just because it was your need not because you wanted to.  You get to know who was meant to be and who wasn’t. Only when you are in amidst a storm you realize the ones who are holding your sails at that time are really the ones you can count on. These times, desperate times tell us who to rely on and who we can trust in the long run.
But the most wonderful thing will be when we can love and cherish the time we spent with those friends who weren’t meant to be. Because no matter what the fates conspired and no matter that it was destined to end, the time we have shared with them would forever be special and they would always hold that special place in our heart. We just have to be at peace with our past demons to love even the ones who let us go. Those are the ones, because of whom we could meet the jewels of our present.
I will be smiling at the world
Especially when I’ll be sailing alone
Because that’s when I’ll know
Who’s the one holding my sail
And the one who will take out my life boat
When my ship sinks in the sea
I'll be looking for the one who will be my life jacket
Because I don’t need many people to do this
Just that one friend will be enough