If You Please

 There just isn't any pleasing some people. The trick is to stop trying.

Robert Mitchum 
You can’t please everyone in your life. There will always be people who hate your guts or your decisions or just simply they hate you.  They can’t stand you being so happy or being so sure about yourself. In every individual’s life there are such people. And believe me if you start pleasing every soul on this planet you’ll be short of just one thing… your happiness.
It takes a while for you to realize that in the end you can’t keep everyone happy.  Even when you try your best to keep someone happy thy will find excuse to get mad at you. True, right? You do everything you can to stop them from complaining but it doesn’t ever ends.
So what should be your next step?
Stop banking your happiness on others. There are three simple golden rules. First rule is you can’t make others happy unless you aren’t happy. So keep yourself happy.  Second rule; don’t try to make everyone happy. Those who actually matter will be content to see a smile on your face. And third rule, don’t ever regret being happy. You have a right to be happy and you aren’t answerable to anyone for it.
Looking back I realize that I’m much happier today than I was exactly one year from now. And this happiness is because of the decisions I made in my life which many people don't support. So, do I stop being happy now or do I just be thankful that I made myself happy?
Guys, at the end of the day your happiness is up to you.  Pleasing people might make you happy, but for how long that is the question. Do what feels right to you.
Don’t please people, please yourself in the most unselfish way you can, by helping people. Don’t make decisions of your life according to what the status quo says. That will just make your life a grand mess. Be happy by helping out the soul who needs you. Never underestimate your abilities.
You do matter!