Embracing Death

Death... the eternal subject.
One never ceases to think about it. There is an enigmatic pull we have towards the subject of death. What is it all about, what is life, why are we here, what is after this..
 No no, I am not going to start with my philosophical theories about how to life means something yada yada. We all know that whether we apply it or not. That’s just how humans are we know it all but we don’t apply it. Anyway, enough of my cribbing.
The only thing that really amazes me is that people live whole of their lives around death. Death is omnipresent. A plant dies, an ant dies, a rodent dies, an animal dies, a human dies or a civilization dies. Every minute of the day someone or something is dying around us. Yes, I know I am being really morbid but this is what is happening. Looking at this objectively, you can’t help but just be in wonder of this knowledge. So why, if we are so much shrouded by death do we not have the ability to overcome it?
Well, the question should be why should we want to overcome it?
 Just because few lines back I said its morbid that’s why? Why is there so much of sadness around the concept of death?
Doesn’t death really signify birth of a new thing?
Law of conservation. Energy just transforms from one form to another. If not for death how will there be birth and innovation? Maybe death of one insect causes two to be born. Death needn’t necessary mean morbidity. It also signifies creation and positivity. The saint who said celebrate my death with firecrackers was really someone to be looked up to. Just as birth is celebration so should be death. Yes, the loss of losing someone is great, no denying that. And Death will always be followed by tears. But grieving death is something else and trying to avoid the subject another. Whether we like it or not death will always be something that life is all about.
So why not we come to terms with it and not try to avoid it?
My little outburst over this Death and its morbidity has been triggered by a certain conversation I shared with a peer. She wanted to know what death is and all I said was, ‘whatever it is, it will happened one day to each one of us.’ That really put her off for some reason and I hope I have hit the nail with this procession of thoughts.
Till death do us apart!
Standing in the rain
I can see you in your black robe
And i know its time to go
Come my friend, lets go
I'm not scared of you anymore
I'm not scared to die anymore
I'm not scared of Death anymore