We Are Doomed

A nation that can't protect its women is doomed.
Well, turns out I survived 21st December and so did the rest of the world. But survived for what? Survived to see our daughters getting raped? We lived to see this day, when mothers will be scared to send their daughters out and fathers will be scared to leave a daughter alone on the bus stand?
Even though we have survived the dooms day but believe me friends we all are still doomed. Protests, marches, fasting.. Nothing will bring a change. No matter how much you blame the government, no matter how much you curse the law system.. Nothing is going to make a difference.
I haven’t ever felt this helpless and being a girl this ashamed of this country. What really needs to change is the mindset of this country.
 Yes the government sucks , we all know that.
Yes the law system is a failure, we know that.
So whats the use cribbing over it? This drama will go on for 15 more days and then you will go back to your offices and the corruption ,the politics will still thrive and the news channels will be back to mundane matters. Nothing will make a difference.  Except…if we all right now take a pledge not to stand for all this bulls**t.
What we all really need to do is instill fear in the minds of those deranged people who are doing these crimes. We need to make them so scared that even if such a thought comes into their mind they shiver in horror to what the consequences would be. And this can only be done if we as humans… also as Indians but first, as humans take a stand, not to tolerate this.
That poor girl was not covered by any passerby and she was lying on the road naked for god knows how many hours. How can you even think of blaming the government in such a scenario?
Democracy right?? They are our representatives after all… they represent what the common man has become. The government represents what we are. It’s the true face of our nation.
We can’t bring any change unless we change ourselves.
Watching the news , instead of seeing some law or some positive reaction regarding this gang rape I come across a headline about a 36 year old lady being raped and killed.
Seriously , this is what we have come to. Silent protests are a  mockery infront of this. People still have no dread and no fear over raping a girl. Even when the news is filled with people wanting to take strict action the latest news flash is about a new rape.
 How more could we stoop down? Can we really go down to any lower level?
This is appalling. The state in which we are today, I won’t say our country because our country is nothing without us. If we really have to blame somebody it has to be us.
Rather than saying ‘he raped her’ we all should be hanging our heads down in shame and say ‘WE’ raped the poor girl. We allow such things to happen. We allow people to treat us this way. We allow rapists to move around freely.
 We...the common man who has given the free reign. Nothing can be achieved unless we change our mentality.
Instead of telling our daughters to dress up properly, we need to teach our sons to look at girls with respect. Instead of telling girls to be home early, we need to teach boys to take care of the girls and not rape them. Instead of giving sex education we should teach the men that girls aren’t toys, they should be taught to respect them.
Nothing will happen unless we aren’t firm.
Till then,we are doomed my friends. Truly, utterly totally doomed
I deserve to feel safe at night
I am a girl
I deserve to feel protected in a bus full of men
I am a girl
I deserve to walk with my head held high
I am a girl
I deserve the right to protect my honor,
I am a girl.
I deserve a law which punishes the culprits,
I am a girl.
Yes, I deserve to walk freely in my country,
I should be proud and not scared to be a girl.