Happily Ever After

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."
Hans Christian Andersen

Recently, I read somewhere the following advice given by a respected relationship counselor, “Don’t believe in a fairytale romance. That’s the first step to ruining a relationship”
Many of you will be in agreement with this statement. Yet,there will be quite a handful of people opposing this. I fall in the latter category.
Yes, I am a die-hard romantic. Love stories and sappy romantic movies are my thing. And I am in love with the concept of love. Fairytales are just my thing. So, I believe in fairytale romance. And I’m hoping that each one of those nonbelievers out there will start believing in some part of it too after reading this post.
For people in agreement with the relationship counselor, I have a nugget for you. I’ll tell you about the blissful married life my parents share. They are perfect for each other. Their love is hidden amidst the small messages and acts of standing up for each other. But romance? No, being romantic isn’t a trait too prominent in their relationship. Does it make it any less successful? No way… They have shared delightful 19 years and are still going strong. And their love story can’t be called as a fairytale, can it?
Moral of the story:  Fairy tale love stories don’t exist.
I am still vehemently against the above statement. And here’s why..
Whenever we read a fairytale, the end of a fairytale always says ,
“And they lived happily ever after"

And that’s what I am agreeing with.

For each and every person their happily ever after will be different. For some people sappy romantic novels and a prince in shining armor does the trick. For others, the whole concept of being happy is just having a companion beside them, just like my parents. Some women just want a man who is willing to stand by her side and ride the wave through the storm with her. And some men a woman holding their hand throughout the journey is all they ask for.
So why is there so much of angst against the fairytale romances?
In reality, the fact remains that everyone on this planet wants a fairytale romance because every fairytale has a “happily ever after” ending. Which is just a beginning of a beautiful life ahead.
So here I am, bowing before every kind of love that exists.
Because, at the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy. And in this case, happiness comes in all kinds of fairy tales. Ranging from Princess and the Pea to Cinderella and from Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel to Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid. Each one of them had a happy ending.
So which fairytale are you a part of?


  1. billi i dont understand y do u sound convincing even if i dont want to agree to u....
    nice piece anyways


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