This Too Shall Pass

I wrote this poem long back when times were rough. No, I never had any suicidal tendencies. But you know how teenagers are, they think that their problems are insurmountable.
If only we realise how foolish we are being.
This poem is for everyone out there who has ever, even had a thought, of killing oneself.
Life is beautiful and believe me everything passes. What you might think as the 'end of the world 'situation at that time might not be because you will still survive it. No matter what life offers you, you will sail through it.
I firmly have faith in the saying that if you are at the end of a cliff either god will give you wings or teach you how to fly.
The universe has faith in you that you will emerge through the tough times. Why don't you have faith in yourself?
Never ever lose hope because you aren't ever totally helpless. Until the time you have yourself, till then giving up isn't an option.

Midst the crowd, feeling lonesome
Remembering how badly i was undone
I was in a vicious circle
Awaiting for a miracle.
I had decided to meet my maker
Yet i loved my life taker
He was everything i ever wanted.
By his memories i am still haunted.
I had no reason to live
I was ready to jump off a cliff
He wasn't there with me
I just wanted to flee
I took the dagger..
And closed my eyes.
Now wondering what had happened then
Why had i failed in the task i had set to accomplish?
That night when i closed my eyes
I got the reason why i had to be alive
I saw the faces of people who loved me
Who could die for me
My mom, the one who bore the pain
The pain of bringing me into this world
My dad,who dreams of walking me down the aisle
My friends, who love me without compulsion.
Would i give away this gift of life
For the person who handed me the knife?
The person who was so oblivious to my misery?
Who was never my knight?
That night it dawned on me
That i wouldn't take my life for him
I couldn't be so spineless.
I did jump that night.
But i jumped into a new life
Cheers to life!