Miracles a Science?

When you have read almost a hundred novels, there is not much that can actually move you or surprise you. But when somebody claims to prove that you have a soul or tells you that you can make miracles happen, you can’t help but ponder over the pages of the book and wonder if what the author is writing is actually true or is it just a hoax to make a bestselling novel. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown had somewhat a startling effect on me. It broached on the subject of Noetic Science. The dictionary will give you the following meaning of ‘noetic’;  
no•et•ic: From the Greek noēsis / noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, or subjective understanding.

Both the words put together mean science of inner wisdom or science of thoughts. I bet that surprised you a bit. Who would’ve thought about it?
What if somebody tells you that your thought has weight?
What if they tell you that you have a soul?
What if they tell you that they can prove all of it?
This is what noetic science is. It gives you astounding proofs about ‘philosophies’ which, until now, we were supposed to believe blindly. Things like faith and hope have tangible evidences now.
In the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, she has written that the kind of thoughts we give into the universe we attract the same nature of results. If you tell a logical minded person to believe in it, he would laugh at your face and say that don’t pull a Newton on me referring to the Newton’s law of action and reaction of matter. But won’t this “secret” be true if we proved that our thoughts, in reality, are nothing but matter!
All the philosophies we believe in, when we are downhearted, to calm our mind they usually work don’t they?
Searching on the internet for noetic science, you get a confusing response as some sites proclaim that this is nothing but deception. There are many people out there who are against the whole concept of philosophical science. I am no researcher nor do I consider myself an expert in this field. But if there are a group of scientists working towards this, who are giving their time to prove all the mystical theories, it wouldn’t harm in the least to believe in it! It may not be true, it might not even be a true scientific experience just a bunch of assumptions. Nevertheless, if there is someone in the world who is urging you to believe towards the power of positive thinking why go against it? Why not embrace the truth we all want to believe with all our hearts but we keep on denying because reason keeps telling us to.
In a world where it’s easier to get stressed than to be at peace, this science is the need of the hour. People who refuse to meditate or who don’t believe in the power of thought have finally found a solution to satisfy their gnawing logical mind. When you see beautiful crystals generating from the power of your calm and peaceful thoughts, it will be hard to deny the power thoughts possess
There is nothing which we don’t know of in this world. The problem lies in not believing it. People didn’t believe that the earth is round and once they got proof there was no denying it. I hope and believe that we are on the verge of a huge spiritual wave. Just like the earth was found to be round after all, people will believe that their thoughts can change the world for the better.