To Flip or To Tap?; That is the Question

Since the dawn of technological era there have been millions of debates over the worth of technology. Students have been subjected to inane essay topics ranging from, “Technology: Boon VS Bane” to “Is WhatsApp destroying your childhood”, write 400 words on something you are addicted to, good at using it  and yet are forced to write against it. I think every time a GenY kid writes against technology the God of Technology sighs despondently, “Et tu Brute!” We are the technology geeks who have to defend our right to use technology instead of being proud of the fact that we are attuned to the ways of the world.
Alas, I will be a brute in this blog! Yes, you can crucify me but my views are here to stay! I’m being traitorous as at this very instance I’m typing on the very swanky laptop, surfing on my iPad and checking the bane called WhatsApp on my iPhone whilst using Google, for which I need internet... I can go on and on. The cherry on the cake is that I am an Electronics and Communication engineer by profession, so yea, going against technology is a blasphemy but I am ready to be censored.
Technology was a boon yet as the age old saying goes, excess of everything is bad, it has definitely turned into a bane. My 5 year old cousin can play temple run better than I can, the problem is that that is only thing she does! No outdoor games, no reading books, no friends, no nothing! Where did their childhood go? Heads bowed in front of an iPad, eyes glued to the man running, is that all left?
Well, the debate can go on and on but at it is my blog I have the liberty to choose a side and I choose reading a book with a coffee, under the streaming winter-sunshine. To be specific, a physical, crisp paged paperback novel is my choice of drug. No, don’t gape, I am a bibliophile, yet an old-school one. I want my books in a paperback edition (hardbacks are so hard on my pocket!) and I’m not shy to admit it!
I am against e-books, Kindle is not my dream way of spending a day with my favourite book. I opt for online reading on my iPad only in dire situation when a) I can’t find the paper-back or b) I can’t resist and wait to go to a bookshop, buy it and read it. Even though my last sentence works in favour of e-books, I have good and solid reasons in favour of my argument, it’s your choice to agree or disagree!

My Library VS My E-Library!
I'm just hooked to books, though paperbacks are my first love.

My five-fold reasons to opt for paperbacks:

1.   Shopping in a bookstore where there are millions (okay thousands) of books packed all shiny, clean and pretty just sitting there waiting for you to pick one up and take it home (I know it sounds like I’m picking up a man but being in a LDR, books are my dates most of the nights). Yes, browsing through the Kindle library just takes all the romanticism away! 
2.   The smell of a new book is ah-mah-zing (the lingo works!) , the sensation of holding a new book, feeling the pages and the long wait to reach home and break into the gripping tale. Nope, a Kindle cannot even being to achieve that.
3.   Okay, this might be shallow, but I like showing off my books! I am not a fashion-ista, I don’t own a huge collection of shoes or make-up or accessories or anything girly for that matter. What I do have is my cute dog and my huuuge collection of books. So how will I manage to leave you awe-struck if all my books are caged in a teeny-tiny tablet?!? I need my paper-backs and hard-covers to create that omph factor when you enter my library. 
4.     It is my legacy! I might not be a great singer or an actor or anyone famous. I won’t have anything to leave behind expect my writings and my books. I want my children and grand-children and great-grand children to know how cool their great-grandmother was and eventually to read and become avid readers (yes I push people into reading, is it really so bad?) 
5.     Most importantly, I LOVE PAPERBACKS! Yes, yes that doesn’t qualifies as a “logical” reason but hey, I’m a self-proclaimed dreamer and hereby I rest my case.

I read this most amazing blog by my friend Gurveen (You can check it here: and I was struck with nostalgia when she talked about her first reads. I instantly went up to my library and picked up my Famous Five series and re-read the huge type-font, gripping story which had fascinated me when I was a 9 year old. Books are essentially a time-machine, they can transport you, nudge you and guide you. The dog-eared pages, dried flowers pressed between the pages, underlined sentences which meant something, a drop of gravy signifying how many times you actually read it.
Can a tablet hold the weight of so many memories or will it crack under the burden of 14 bygone years?

I flip my latest book (Alex Freguson: Managing My Life) and rest my case Your Honour!

PS. Well, the pacifist in me might say, does it really matters? 
I mean, a book is a book right? 
Then why the huge debate? 
Lets just have our own format of the book and bask in the pleasure of reading.
Happy Reading!


  1. a bibiophile turning into a book monster ( jokingly )
    just like to share a couplet -
    " dhoop mein niklo , baharon mein naha kar dekho ;
    jindagi kya hai , kitabon ko hata kar dekho "
    Vitamn D deficieny bhi nahi hogi


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