Beyond Body and Beauty

Author's Comment:
All events and views written in the blog are purely the author's. Any conversation, comment or word related to any person living or dead it purely coincidental. 
The pictures are curtesy of Google.

I have had some real life, some heard of, some read of and some hearsay experiences regarding the body image criteria which young, middle-age, old or any-age women are subjected to.

You look online and you find the following types of body shapes:
  1. Straight Body Type (We get THAT)
  2. Pear Body Type (Pear..hmm..I like the fruit!)
  3. Spoon Body Type (Really? Spoon? Next will be what Knife?)
  4. Hourglass Body Type (Oh no… Next is hourglass!)
  5. Top Hourglass Body Type (What?????…)
  6. Inverted Triangle Body Type (Now they are just making it up!)
  7. Oval Body Type (Umm…? Square, circle, ellipse ne kya bigada hai bhai?)
  8. Diamond Body Type (Wow… rich much?)
  9.       Bla and Bla
  10.       Some more bla…
  11.       …continued
  12.       … Really?
Saw this image online.
Depicts the humorous yet sad state aptly.

Phew…. Yes there are eight, twelve, twenty or even forty body types. 
Uncannily, one thing common on these pages is that there are ALWAYS tips given by “body experts” to elaborate on what will look good on you, flatter you, not suit you, …… I mean it’s mind boggling! It really is!

I have had people tell me I’m too skinny, too fat, too weak, too healthy, too short, too pear-y (the fruit I like so much), too “less endowed” (yea, that too), too stubby (whatever that is)…  too, everything. 
And its not just me, I am very sure every girl has, not once, twice or thrice but multiple times a day, been reminded of (like we ever forget it after the first time) by an acquaintance, a friend, a family member, even a stranger that the way we look doesn't fits with the desired set of standards which they have constructed in their mind.
My response: 
Does it look like I care much?
Well, yes, reaching this stage took time, lots of time, patience, anger, tears, punching in the face, abusing, and finally sinking in of the fact that why does it even matter?

First off, the people who stoop down to the level of body shaming a girl just to feel superior, powerful or just to be plain mean are the sorriest and saddest bunch of people I have ever met. 
And purely for unveiling of character purposes, I love alcohol, it brings out the truest and most honest side of every individual ever. 
I have had a guy call me up and say humongous amount of crap, berating me in every way possible and then blaming it on consumption of alcohol. I mean, really? 
Thank you alcohol for making me realise that the vilest creatures hide under the most innocuous countenances. 

Secondly, we have the unassuming, innocent commenters, who just out of habit or the scrutiny which they have been put through, tend to generalise and make statements which pinch and hurt yet leave the recipient a little confused whether it really is the fault of the commenter. These species are more often than not fellow women themselves. Some piquant examples, our teachers, mothers, friends, aunts, grandmas, Sharmaji ki bahu, saath wali aunty ki nanand, our every friendly neighbourhood aunty, to name a few. 

And the third category, comprises of our very own, much loved, respected and deemed illustrious.. wait for it…. Bollywood! 
Wwohoo, a round of applause friends. 
Ever wondered why the lead character is always thin, skinny, voluptuous or curvy in the right manner?
If there would be a factory which manufactures the actors and actresses the instruction flow chart would read something along these lines:

Real or Not?

Let’s just break these stereotypical standards of beauty and realise that EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL. 
I haven’t come across a single woman who isn’t beautiful in her own way. 
And I believe it with every fibre of my being.
Some women have the most arresting eyes ever, some have lips of and angel and there are those beautiful and utterly mesmerising creatures who have the most beautiful soul ever.
And I feel sorry and sad for those who fail to see the beauty in humdrum of life and hold up to unrealistic standards of beauty because believe me, a reader my self, judging a book by its cover is the gravest error ever committed.

So, next time you encounter a sorry little being trying to put you down, just move on and pray for their soul because such beings are really and truly lost. 

Be your beautiful self, shatter every norm of beauty ever established and be your own kind of beautiful by exuding the glow like the enlightened beams we are.