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Author's Note: The author of this blog converted the call and is a proud MICAn now! 

I believe my MICA experience started off the day I decided I’ll target MICA. I remember I was practicing essays for MICAT when my teacher came upto me, after proof-reading a essay, and said, “You should join us for admission consulting, you write well and a flair of writing is the major pre-requisite.”
Before entering the halls of MICA, MICA had started transforming my life.

My blog had remained dormant for so long and suddenly this encouragement from my teacher inspired me to start again.
Lo and Behold, my viewership of 30 boosted to 116 viewers.
A small feat for some yet a milestone for me.
I will elaborate on the D-DAY experience of MICA.
I don’t know if I will get in or not, but I know that my learnings are going to take me places!

19th March, Delhi, Afternoon Slot

The GE:

There were two panelists: Ms. Pooja Thomas Ma’am and Mr. Drash Ashwin Trivedi Sir (I love internet! :D)
We were given a case as follows:
A major beverage company has laid off you and your friends so you decided to open a rival beverage company and design a beverage for the local market of Lucknow. Design a marketing campaign by keeping in mind the following:
>Type of Beverage >Name >Design >A tagline.
Present it.

We worked cohesively keeping in mind that everyone contributes whilst maintaining the decorum.
Type: A healthy drink, something localised so we fixed three flavours: Paan, Jaljeera, Nimboo
Name: Seikhon (Sheikh- to emphasis the royalty)
Design: A paper bottle, to include the concept of environment friendly, with a crown cap (we wanted to emphasis that the drink is for common-man royalty)
Tag Line: Ye nai pia to kya pia?

Our group was really chill, creative and we had a lot of fun executing the whole thing. We lost track of time and finished the whole GE just in time. Our panelists seemed happy with the campaign.

Some oversights: I believe that the city of Lucknow was given to us because of the UP elections, we didn’t mention anything about that nor did we even consider it. We went head-on into designing the product. So I believe that was an oversight at our end.

Interview Experience:
I went online and searched for the names under the faculty tab on MICA website.

There were three panelists, the first one was Mr. S.K. Patra Sir, the second one, a very smart and graceful lady,
 I can’t seem to find  her and the this ma’am, who was very beautiful, had a big bindi, very candid, alas, no name for them.
Below I have just specified Ma’am and Sir because I have lost track of who asked what.

Ma’am : Tell us something about yourself which isn’t in this form.
Me: Ma’am I blog, I know that I have already mentioned but what I write about are things which mean a lot to me, everyday things which inspire me to write, I have also done paragliding in Bir Billing the second highest paragliding site in the world. I like to bake and I am an animal lover, I have a small pet at home named Tango, a pug, because of who we all turned into vegetarians.
Ma’am: So you blog. How many viewers do you have?
Me: Ma’am until very recently I had just 30-40 viewers but according to my latest stats I had a viewership of 116 on my last article.
Ma’am: Why would people want to read your blogs? There are so many other people who write and who have much more experience than you.
Me: That is definitely true ma’am but I believe what matters is how you write and how well you can connect with your audience. I write about everyday things which I believe strikes a chord with people. My last article was about chink in the armour, it was inspired by the form filling process and how everyone advices us to not elaborate on our weaknesses, whereas I feel that our chinks make us who we are, so why hide them?
Ma’am: Okay so you have been working? What is your work like?
Me: Ma’am I work as a customer satisfaction expert. I make sure that our end customers are satisfied with our services.
Ma’am: Then how come after an IT sort of work you got interested in marketing?
Me: Ma’am my interest in marketing was a very organic step, my friend wanted to launch a new brand of shoes and we got into discussing about the strategies which we might implement, the customer base, the economic strata to target and the whole process was so natural, in the end we did come up with a winning strategy, and I realised that this is so me. I won’t have to pretend to be someone else and just be myself.
Ma’am: What do you feel is the most burning issue right now?
Me: I believe that a lack of humanity. We don't feel connected or responsible towards one another, and that is the root cause of all the problems, be it corruption, discrimination, rape, you name it.
Ma’am: Then how would you propose to change it?
Me: By spreading awareness about it I suppose (very cliched and very boring, I know, in hindsight, I could have included spirituality), but also by setting an example myself. I have to be what I preach and lead by my actions. I can’t tell you to follow the Swach Bharat policy if I myself litter.
Sir: How do you keep yourself updated?
Me: umm, the news app on the phone.
Sir: Really? thats it? How would you know the current status of the country then?
Me: Sir, I generally get to know the latest happenings by discussions I have with my father or teachers.
Sir: Okay what was the latest discussion you had?
Me: Sir on the UP elections, how Yogi Adityanath became the CM of UP.
Sir: So what was the discussion?
Me: The first statement that my father made was that India has been saffron-wised. (We discussed this for two mins)
Ma’am: What else? Punjab elections?
Me: Yes ma’am, those too. We were clear from the beginning that the Alkalis will have to step down this time because drugs are rampant in that area. There have been such close to home cases I have witnessed, my friend who lives in Amritsar was telling how her brother was about to become a drug trader.
Ma’am: So. Udta Punjab was correct?
Me: It was bang on right ma’am. That is how it was.
Sir: Then why didn’t it work on the boxoffice?
Me: Umm, we Indians tend to watch masala films more and the moment a movie becomes preachy we get uncomfortable.
Ma’am: Then how do Aaamir Khan movies make money?
Me: Ma’am I believe that is the power of brand. He has built an image for himself. We watch his moves with a certain expectation and he fulfils them time and again. It is easier to take a leap of faith for his movies.
Sir: Okay tell me four problems of rural India.
Me: 1. Poverty,
2. Zeal to learn
Sir: How can you say that?
Me: Sir I have taught yoga in rural ares, the kids there are more eager to learn than kids of a a private school.
Sir: Okay next?
Me: 3. Lack of resources
4. More connected to their roots.
Sir: Okay then how can we up-lift their two cons which you have said.
Me: Sir by implementing the policies with integrity.
Sir: Okay name two policies implemented by the government for poor people.
Me: Jan Dhank Yojna and Krishi Kalyan Yojna.
Ma’am: Okay Mahak, do you have any questions for us?
Me: No ma’am, I would just like to say that preparing for MICA has been an experience in itself and I read so much and so many different things that the doors of my mind opened on many levels. (I remember thinking shit it feels so made up, but please believe it because it really has happened!)

Phew! That was it.

I think I did decent enough.
I remember talking about Digital India, don’t remember why.
They asked me about IMT-G too. 

I had an offer from them but I told them that I hadn’t considered any other college and that I’ll look into those after 31 March if the result isn't positive from here. (Which, again, is true, fingers-crossed)

PS. An added tip: Just be truthful through out. Be it your form or interview. The question on the most burning issue today was asked because I had mentioned discrimination under dislikes. So they test you by framing the question differently. If you have written who you are it will be a smoother sailing. 


  1. Superb article. All the best.

  2. awsomee !! wish you good luck :)

  3. Mahak, this is splendid expression of feelings at the time of interview.
    A must read by those who are about to go for any interview.

  4. Mahak, this is splendid expression of feelings at the time of interview.
    A must read by those who are about to go for any interview.


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