Unsung Yet Singing

There must be countless tales of people who created a mark but never got credit or acclamation for it. And somehow their clandestine efforts intrigue as well as inspire the dreamer in me. We sing the tunes of their sacrifices and live our lives better because of them.
As a shy first year student, I was standing on the stage for the final round of Miss Fresher competition and I got the question, “If you had to be someone from history who would you be?” And for some unexplainable reason I found myself saying, “I would love to be an unsung hero. I would love be someone who played a vital role in such a historical feat yet wasn’t recognized for this because sometimes the result of the deed is much greater than the recognition.”

On further retrospection, I realised that we are surrounded by such heroes.

He is the unsung hero of my life... They way he spreads smiles and laughter with his antics makes him special. 
Our life is littered with examples of people who have worked yet never asked for a tribute for their assiduousness.
You see that man walking down the street? Yes, the one with the funny dressing style, he is supporting his gay brother and his boyfriend.
You see that woman working at that cafe, wiping the tables? Yea her, she is supporting her siblings and their education. 
The beggar, who you turn your nose on, shares every morsel he gets with those orphan kids living down the block.
We live among heroes, just fail to recognize the goodness in them.

I took this chance to ask my near and dear ones a few chosen questions I deemed piquant to the article.

Gaurav a.k.a. GT : A reticent individual who blossoms under pressure. The chosen few who he deems his closest, witness his most gregarious side, a side which though remains in shadows, gives the final touches to his giving and kind nature. He is at his best when working for others, a man on a mission. His guidance, patience and love made me who I am. He is recherche, exotic and different and I am blessed to have known him. An unsung hero!

Kriti a.k.a. KT : She is a basketball-er at heart, a lawyer by profession and my soul sister by relation. People like her are rare and their friendships are diamonds, to be cherished forever. I feel lucky to have her in my life as she was there for a crumbling 18 year old though many frantic calls and immensely long walks.  
She is my unsung hero!

Saurabh Jaiswal a.k.a. Le Maitre: He is my mentor, teacher and now a comrade. He is the penultimate captain who not only guided a greenhorn sailor through the treacherous waters of MBA-preparation but also groomed her to start her own adventure. He breaks stereo-types everyday be it his business or in personal life. Truly an unsung hero for many! 

Gurveen a.k.a. MissGee : She is a brave soul, a fighter and a compassionate individual who never backs down under adversity. She believes in placing one foot ahead of the other and carves a name for herself in every aspect. Her baby venture A Sole Affair fetched high local acclamation and her brand Inara has made a name for itself in top fashion sites like Koovs and Ajio. A friend, pet mom and a beautiful woman, she is undoubtedly an unsung hero!

Question 1.What do you understand by the term unsung hero?

GT: Person who works selflessly to create a significant impact in someone else's life.

KT: Belonging to a generation that craves attention, my idea of unsung heroes is rather too simple. I’ll fall back to the good old phrase to explain my idea, “karm kiye ja, phal ki iccha na kar.” Simple rule for life, but amongst most difficult to follow. 

Le Maître: An unsung hero , is someone whose endeavors to help or support others is not known to the rest of the world, primarily because nobody noticed or didn't find the efforts worthy enough to be announced to the rest of the world. Typically, since these people work without expecting anything in return, it doesn't matter whether someone acknowledges their contribution or not. 

MissGee: Things like: a priest who truly believes that love is the purest form and doesn't look down upon gays etc. Or families in backward villages who don't support honor killing but honor lives. Bullies who decide to take a step back to realise and analyse their actions. Who offer a helping hand and an apology. A drunkard lying on a roadside who musters the courage to tell himself to just stop, picks himself up, apologizes to his wife and children and throws away the bottles.

Question 2.Who in your life is an unsung hero?

GT: The people who are ceaselessly fighting and protecting the borders of our country are our unsung heroes. They put their lives in danger so that we sleep peacefully at night. Their bravery makes them unsung heroes. 
Also my dog, Oscar, is the unsung hero of my family as he binds my family and in my absence he has given them the love they deserve.

KT: I don’t even have to think for a second for this one. It’s my mom without a doubt. As a 23 year old who is about to start her independent life, alone in a metro city, I have never felt the need of my mother more. At my age, my mom already had me. With a joint family and a small baby to take care of, my mom also worked as a teacher. And then I look at myself. I struggle to manage my college attendance and hostel room. She never shied away from being the monster in my life just to make sure I studied well and never went the wrong way.Later in life, I saw her battling cancer. I’ve never met a stronger person. I remember her telling my father that she’d get through this simply because she knows her little girls need her.

Le Maître: My father would be the unsung hero in my life. My mom got all the praise for my achievements because she used to teach me and went to the PTM at school , but it is my father's tough stance that made me fiercely independent early in my life. and his openness towards me , made me bold and inspired me not to hide anything ( good or bad ) from the family. 

MissGee: My books and Donut (my pet).

Question 3. In the contemporary world, who would you classify as an unsung hero?

GT: Every unsung hero has a story, we just need to take time to listen to his story and recognize his efforts to make him real life hero. In the contemporary world every person working behind the scenes is an unsung hero and once the story comes to light they become media babies and their cause gets lost. Till the time Bhagat Singh was fighting he wasn't even considered a hero, but the day he sacrificed his life he became an unsung hero. It's the untold stories which matter. 

KT: It takes a lot of courage. In a world where we are always hogging for limelight, our insecure generation is at every step seeking validation. Among these, for me, the unsung heroes are the people who go around spreading rainbows and sunshines without any ulterior motive. They don’t want our ‘likes’ or ‘shares’, and they’d spread happiness even without ‘thank you’s.

Le Maître: In the contemporary world, every ethical entrepreneur, every honest government official , every hard-working individual, every philanthropist is an unsung hero.

MissGee: Parents, friends, brothers or sisters who support someone in their freedom to sexual orientation, who makes them feel like being gay or a lesbian is as normal as being straight, who don't look at trans-genders like they're a mistake of some God, families who don't force their off springs into their beliefs and religion. They're unsung heroes. Unsung heroes are those boyfriends who don't judge their girlfriends when they refuse to have sex, or who don’t judge them for their mental breakdowns when they're on periods. Girlfriends who don't judge their boyfriends for crying, rather encourage their expression of emotions in forms other than anger and violence. In a world and time like ours, people like them would truly save lives.

Question 4. What are some pertinent examples where each one of us assumes the role of a hero?

GT: When there is a fight between two unequal adversaries and you take the side of the weaker one and maintain the balance, when you stop the bully from overpowering, you can become a hero. By being honest and truthful in every relationship of your life you become a hero.

Le Maître: Each one of us, when enabled to help and equipped with the will to help become heroes when the situation looks grim and the needy moan out for aid. for example, whenever an accident happens late night , it is often the most unexpected people ( truck drivers, helpers, laborers ) who come forward and pull the victims to safely , much before police. 

MissGee: Humans who are passionate about helping animals, on streets or otherwise. Empathy and bigheartedness are two qualities which can make anyone a hero.

Question 5. How have the sacrifices of another shaped your life as you know it today?

Le Maître: The sacrifice by my wife to let go her job in Delhi n shift with me to Chandigarh to support my passion, my endeavors has largely shaped what I am today. She's the unsung hero in my life.

KT: When people tell me I am doing good for myself and making my way up, no one sees the effort of my mom. But if you ask me, for whatever little I’ve achieved, it is all because of her.

We have forgotten the sacrifices of our patriots yet we still sing the tunes of freedom. Sometimes we feel a tug when we look at our mother wiping her hands after making the dinner. We feel something pulling at us when we see that little puppy whimpering. There is a hesitance in our step when we look into the eyes of the child begging. But our actions are light years away from our feelings.

I guess that is the great tragedy of this century. We are closer to knowledge yet further from wisdom. We have abundance of resources yet scarcity of ingenuity. We live in an eternal paradox and fail to see the light shining inside us. All of us have the ability to be a hero yet our abyss is so deep that we fail to become the butterflies which are attracted to light.

Every era raises heroes, it takes a special generation to sing the tune of unsung ones.
Every one is a hero, it take a special generation to actually be one.

Lets take this opportunity to stand in solidarity with the hero inside us and raise our voice against every unjust act, against every degrading movement and against every biased opinion.

Unleash the hero in you to be an unsung one for generations to come!