Stars and Silhouettes

In common households you find a specie known as the nocturnal animal.
You can spy them when you walk past their window at 2AM and the tube is still on, tunes of their latest anthem are floating in the air and a silhouette, dancing, walking, sitting, or standing on its head can be deciphered by the blurry lines it makes on the curtains. 
Well, if you are walking at 2 AM you are one of them… 

And so am I. Incidentally, I am writing this article at 2AM. That’s evidence enough, I suppose.
Some other defining characteristics are their wake up timings, eating hours and snacking hours.
12PM is their morning, 8PM is evening and their late snacking time is 1AM.
Sounds familiar?

It could be your child, brother, sister, cousin or viola, you yourself! 
No, no, don't be ashamed to admit it.
Be a proud part of this special variety of homo sapiens. 

It seems a weird choice of topic to choose from, right?
Let’s take it this way, it's my tribute to the best time of the day, the night.
The time when Batman is active, the moon shines in all its glory, the stars twinkle and beckon you to gaze into infinity, romance blossoms, creativity is at its zenith, its just the best.
What I do the whole day is beyond me, but yes, I do make the most of my night!

Stars have always held a special place in my heart. 
When I was a wimpy kid, afraid of the dark, my dad used to point to the stars and say, “you have so many guardian angels looking over you, why be scared?”
Later on in life, during the early stages of my romance, I used to talk to my guy at night and we used to stare at the constellations together. As cheesy as it may sound but at that time it was so soothing and comforting to know that even though we were a million of miles away, the sky over us was and still is the same, we are connected and see the same earth together. 
Today, when I’m on the brink of leaving home again to join a new college, gazing at the sky fills me with warmth, I am taking a piece of home with me, I am taking this chunk of galaxy and its mine to share and stare. 
This also makes you think how wars over religion and caste are blatantly stupid.
Ever pause to think that your arch enemy shares the same elements as you do? He breathes the same air, drinks the same water and gazes at the same sky. You swear to never touch him unless to kill, yet every breeze that blows your hair has touched your rival too. Yes, go lock yourself in a hole, that's the only way!

This comic of Calvin and Hobbes has been my favourite. I’m leaving for MICA this summer (yyaaayy!) and we are allowed to paint our room walls as we like (Yes, yes I know its ah-ma-zing!) and I thought of painting this on the wall. 
And that how true it really is.

When we stare into infinity, we realise how small and inconsequential we really are. 
The whole day we are occupied with one task or the other, thinking we are making a difference, creating an impact, leaving our mark when all we are are a silhouette in this galaxy. We are a mere passing shadow, who live for 80 odd years and are washed away through the tides of time, through billion years of existence. 
Does our being here even creates a ripple?
It's hard to think that it does, it's difficult to even envision our place in the pages of history 100 years down the line, a billion, sheesh.. 

There are people fighting wars, battling stigma, fighting injustice or suffering from it.
In the same time span, there are people eroding away their lives with alcohol, snorting hours by cocain strips and inhaling the seconds by smoking on the pavement. 
There is no judgement, your life your rules blah blah.. but it makes you ponder doesn't it? What are we actually leaving behind, what will our legacy be?
If we can’t even remember the couple of hours we spent with our friends because of the inebriated state we were in, what will we remember of our life? What stories will we share with our grandkids?
“Oh you know we just used to hang our and get wasted, I was so zoned out, and all my friends used to say I am a tanker, that was my nickname back then, Tanker!” 
Does who we are, what we mean, what we are here for mean much?
I believe it does, under special circumstances it does.
It does when you make a difference in someone else’s life.

When you calm down their whirlpool.
We still remember Picasso, Shakespeare, Tagore, Gandhi, because they left their imprint on the generations to come with their work.
I believe that the world spins a little slower when you leave your mark with every smile-line you etch on a face.
The earth shifts on its axis a little, on a minuscule level, when we
are kind and compassionate. 
No, we don't have to be Batman, we can be our nocturnal selves and leave our imprints on the next human who might live to be a 101 year old.
Our imprints might fade, but they give us 100 more years to live in memories don't they?
Definitely something to think about.


  1. Recently started reading your blogs big fan 😀😀 and congrats for getting in to MICA


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