Adj: satisfactory but not especially good

“Hey, you seem a little low. Everything fine?”
“Oh yea, I’m okay.”

Okay, an innocuous little word, often shortened to Ok and K which generally stands for:
OK: I’m not even okay enough to type okay.
K: I’m pissed. Stay away.
We all have been “okay” too many times to remember. For that matter throughout the day we use this word multiple times to justify our mood and mental state. 
The question is why?
Why can’t we not be okay and just be sad, gloomy, blue, grumpy… there are million other adjectives to describe your mood. Yet we stick to the deceptive Okay.
For once I want to say no, no I’m not okay. I feel a little blue, I feel like I'm not doing enough with my life. I want to achieve more, be more yet I don't know how. So no, I'm not okay. But I will be, soon. 
But no, this blog isn't about “expressing” how you are feeling.
This blog is about not relying on someone else to lift you to of the “okay” mood; you have to find out ways and means to do it yourself.
It is about breaking that Okay mood. 

1. Be a Monica  

Even if you aren't a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan I am sure you would get the reference. No, don't be surprised, a lazy ass myself I managed to create a fissure in my down-the-dumps mood by cleaning my library. 
Find out your favourite room in the house and just clean it. There is something therapeutic in watching the thin film of dust being vacuumed and the original shiny colour coming to life. Try it, if not much, clean your laptop, you'd feel much better post a sparkly clean machine!

2. Walk, Jog, Run! 

The point is to exercise. You will be so engrossed in trying to supply more oxygen to your body by breathing deeper, alternatively called as panting, that your mood will be miles away in your thoughts.Yes, I am taking you to be someone who doesn't exercises, so run. You will be more concerned with keeping yourself alive than thinking about your mood! 
I take my Pug for a walk, he is anyway a mood elevator and the added exercise always cheers me up. Apart from that, after the walk I resemble him too much, with our tongue lolling out, huffing and puffing! 
“Water, I need water! Who cares about the mood? Rohoofza, Ice Tea, anything!”

4. Like a Tourist  

  Roam around your city like a tourist. Visit all the common tourist attractions that your city has to offer and just bask in the beauty, culture and history. You will feel like you are seeing them for the first time, tie your shoelaces to get awed and wow-ed!
My favourite haunt is Sukhna Lake, unparalleled peace and serenity plus the Silent Garden is bliss in itself. No matter what the mood, boating if you want to be a kid; the end of the lake for fauna and peace; and Silent Garden for meditation. 

5. Shop till you Drop

Leave the e-market, wear your heels or Nikes and go on a shopping spree. If you are broke do budget shopping, hit the flea markets and local shops and buy little trinkets for yourself. Try out the wackiest sunglasses and quirkiest t-shirts. Or better yet, take a friend along and play dress up. Pamper yourself in the most expensive store. You don’t need money to wear Gucci, Armaani or Charles&Keith, the keyword being wear, whose talking about buying? 

6. Spread Smiles  

Pheobe had this bit on point! 
Volunteer, help a friend, be with animals, hang out with kids, break the monotony of life by living for someone else. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats this. When you realise that you are a messenger of happiness you automatically feel good about yourself. Because honestly there are a lot of good things in life, we just get stuck in our little dramas so much that we forget to see the bigger picture!

7. Call upon your Hobby! 

This lies under a dubious category. It might or might not work. 
For me reading has always been a stress relieving, spirit healing and smile inducing activity. But yes, I have those days when I cant seem to pick up a book because my mind is too damn cluttered to dive into the imagination of the author. 
“My mind is enough. Please let me be!” 
For example you might be able to paint or draw only when you are happy. An ‘okay mood’ just isn't enough. So try the other points on the list in such cases. 

Another very very important aspect to breaking the sad spell is to follow some don’ts!

1. Online
Stay offline for as long as you can manage to. Don’t look at new stories or top stories. The world wont end if you miss out on few “related posts”, all you will end up doing is comparing your life to those over zealots who post their every check in and every picture. Honestly, if their life was so exciting they would be enjoying it, not garnering likes and shares. So give it a rest. Live the moments without actually Snapchat-ing every #foodgazam, #fun, #yolo. Well yea, YOLO, and you want to live liking a wannabes photos? 
Stay off the net till you are happy and can stand the pun-ny memes and scathing trolls!

2. Cry me a River 
Well, stay off sad songs please! Listen to some hip-hop, dance, sing out loud. Don't get more blue by listening to Blues.
Secondly, don't just wallow in misery. Don't just mope and sulk around. Do something, no, not necessarily about the problem though that would certainly help, but just do something in general!
Go get yourself a bucket of ice-cream at least! 

3. Holding On 
Just let go of stuff. It is very preachy I know, but obsessing over the thing which gave you a bad mood in the first place is pretty counter productive don't you think so? Move on, distract yourself and pull yourself out of this hole of darkness. As they say, let there be light!

I hope if not everything then at least something helps you to break the mood. Let me know in the comments below if you have some other ingenious way to get back to your jumpy, chirpy self! 


  1. nice lil snippets to cool off this summer - from the bookmonster a.k.a. MAHAK MAINI


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