MICA Unraveled 1.0

Seeping in vibrancy, colour, creativity and nature, this place is a dream come true for many, including me. MICA is a place where walls speak volumes, people elucidate poetry like a second language and the earth and sky exhale liberty and freedom, an expression we are pushed, nudged and cajoled to embrace with all our being.
And thats when I realised that we shouldn't be pushed, nudged and cajoled, it should be our natural state right? And if we are being resistant to our truest and basest form of expression somewhere down the line the education system failed us. Yet here, in the midst of a ROI, placement, value for money centric industry of b-schools, is the pulsating and palpitating MICA. A place which celebrates the uniqueness and urges the MICAns to follow their road, specially if it is less travelled.
Before coming to MICA, I had read several answers, blogs and posts on MICA and what actually makes MICA what it is. Everyone was either vague or poetic or excessively abstract about what they felt and what MICA encompasses for them.
After spending a week, I am none the wiser. I am walking in their shoes and I realise that even I will have to resort to abstractness, poetry and art to express what this college actually stands for. Because everyone has a different answer, different experience, different perspective and we are encouraged to include all that in everything that we do. Hence the task of describing what MICA is, is difficult. Not impossible, it will take couple of volumes, but difficult yes.
Let's come to the pertinent question which I believe you must be looking the answer for and why you actually clicked on this link.

What makes MICA what it is?

From dark to light...
I am not a photographer, and yet I clicked a pretty decent pic (I believe). The photographers out there might want to hang me but the quality isn't my point here. I included this picture because it somehow signifies how MICA gradually unearths our light.
When we came into this college we were all dewey-eyed, brimming with our conceptions and mis-conceptions of MICA. Its just been a week and two days as and when I'm typing this article and I already feel like several windows and doors have opened in my mind. Like the click of the key turning in a lock it fits in, MICA just fits and our consciousness just clicks. We enter engulfed in darkness, we believe that we know everything that there is to know not realising that right now, we are just blending into the crowd. We aren't different, we have come here to be different. Gradually, the shroud lifts, we explore our potential, are exposed to reviving lectures and conversations, go through processes we never thought we would, and through it all, we emerge with a clearer and a brighter picture of ourselves.
Yes, maybe I am romanticising and maybe none of this happens in the next two years, but I know even if I leave today, I am a better person that who I came as.
My guy asked me to express my experience  in a single line I said, it is a place where there is a possibility of having an engaging conversation with anyone.  Be it the cafeteria helper, the sweeper or the canteen bhaiya, you just need to keep your mind open and stance friendly and there is an endless possibility for you to learn, imbibe, and explore your own limits.  
As I adjusted myself to the hot and humid city that Ahemdabad is, to the diversity I was and am surrounded with and to the possibility of not going home for next couple of months I attended my first session.
As the fog that lifts when the first ray of sun breaks through a wintery morning, my fogged thoughts disseminated into inspiration.
The passion with which every faculty illustrated their love for the subject. The zeal with which they expressed their desire to mentor us and the shine in the eyes of every speaker up on the stage right from the Dean of the college to the Research Assistants there vanquished my inhibitions.
I realised that I was, sitting in a myriad of colours (the Mani Iyer Auditorium is love!), listening to people who not just taught but believed in their subjects, who lived and breathed their passions and who were professors only and only because they actually and truly wanted to be one, because they believed with all their being that education should be imbibed and not mugged. What is there to be anxious about? You are in the hands of the best of the best. Just surrender and be who you are, this is a place which cherry picked you because of who you are.
I don't know if I answered the question of why MICA but if I intrigued you to know more about this red-bricked building, oozing creativity, my job is done.