Mirchi and Mime Sans Mirchi

Mirchi and Mime

I'll just say it’s all a hype.

I would give full points to the concept. It was a heart warming experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the ambiance of the place. Though the staff standing on the gate is extremely rude and condescending and you need to pre-book a table 2 weeks in advance.
For those not aware of the concept, the servers and cooks here are deaf and dumb. They have a unique system of ordering where you get to learn some rudimentary sign language to order your food. The waiters are cheerful, very helpful and they have an amazing rapport amongst themselves. You can see them laughing and sharing jokes creating a jovial environment. 

The food, on the other hand, was very disappointing. We ordered Paneer Malai Seekh which was the tastiest dish of the day, Mushroom Galouti and
   Stuffed Mini Kulchas. 

Paneer Malai Seekh

Mushroom Galouti
Mushroom Galouti was melt in the mouth yet extremely salty and Stuffed mini kulcha lacked spicy flavour. For the main course we ordered Tahiri Biryani which we enjoyed eating. The presentation was really fancy and for biryani lovers it is a must try. Choori prantha was soft, devoid of flavour, Vegetables Kohlapuri was again a disappointment, yes it was spicy but somehow the vegetables seemed undercooked. Being a punjabi the Smoked Dal is my favourite dish but for some reason their seasoning didn't sit well in my palate. 

Vegetables Kohlapuri
Tahiri Biryani 

 Choori prantha 
Stuffed mini kulcha

After this disappointing meal we let go of the dessert all-together, neither did any dish excite us in any way. 
Maybe it was just a bad day but I wouldn't go here again. Though visiting this place once to absorb the ambience and enjoy the pally atmosphere is a huge plus.
Kudos to the concept, if only the food would’ve been that good.