Things to do in Mumbai: Colaba

MICA is taking me places, not out of the world places, but places nevertheless. 
I’m based in Mumbai since past one month and will be here for a month more. 
Being the typical, hyper and over excited townie, I feel like a tourist in this place and I have this huge bucket list I plan to cover in this short span. 
For my dry spell of writing I decided to review all the places I go to and share my experiences with all the townies out there and Mumbikers can see, judges and soak in my take of Mumbai. 
It is not a food blog per se, neither a review blog. Just go along…

This review is of the following places:

1. Kitabkhana
2. Colaba Causeway
3. Pa Pa Ya

Woodland of Happiness
(View from the first floor)
A friend of mine said that she was going to Kitabkhana with her BF and I knew I had to gatecrash their date. Thankfully, they left before me, not that I would have even bothered to spare them a glance because this place is absolutely captivating for bookworms. I was in heaven the moment I entered this quaint little (huge) shop. It gave such an old-school rustic feel with huge wooden book cases, a wooden staircase and a cosy first floor section with a nook to silently read in right beside Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling and Homer. It is a gigantic shop, neatly divided into sections and just walking through the aisles is a calming and charming experience. You find some obscure titles and some mainstream ones. I doubt there is any book which isn’t there right from the classics to spiritual and regions texts to the best selling titles. There are amazing bookmarks available right at the checkout counter (okay, Im a bookmark hoarder, kill me). Also, there is a little cafe where you can have some pastries, sorry I didn’t try any, didn’t even glance, because..well…BOOKS! I had to be pried away from my aisle-shopping as they close the shop at 7:30 PM sharp. I definitely plan to go there again! 
Its no Crosswords but I liked it even better because there was no commercialisation of books, they were just there, displayed, either in a hidden corner or right in the middle for us to stumble upon them. The vintage look took me back to those public libraries we used to read in with wooden benches. This place is modern yet seeped in nostalgia. 
For every book-lover it is a must-go-to place.
Rating: 4.8/5 

2.  Colaba Causeway: 
I always meant to junk-shop in Mumbai and spend some bucks at these road-side shops. I was looking for some tops and long dresses which, alas, I didn’t find. What I did find though, was that 2500 Zara top I had just been looking at in the Zara showroom, at 400 rupees. I also found an amazing, huge, tote, olive bag, big enough to hold a giant-ass laptop with two pouches inside. It was a bargain at 700 rupees (he started off at 1100, I don’t know how to bargain at all, and still I got it for 700 rupess, so girls, you can do much better). 
It is a narrow lane, very crowded, pushy people, jostling and hovering along the stalls makes it a task to shop For a moment there I said , “This is why 
online shopping is so much better” until, I stumbled across the Tree of Hope. Okay, I named it myself. But it is this exquisite pendant made of natural stones. I got it for 100, could’ve bargained more but for the life of me I can’t. 
Then a little ahead, I found amazing black bellies-flats, with a high tie along the ankle. They looked so delicate and pretty and I was happy to shell out 350 rupees for such a dainty pair. Don’t judge me for the money I spent and considering I hadn’t gone there with a motive to spend, I did get good stuff. I encourage everyone to go there once, you might just happen upon an amazing buy. There are stylish and decently priced bags and shoes available there. Also, the most crowded stalls were of the googles, they have the latest designs and varied hues of shades available there. Also, there were stalls selling brassware, Aladdin's lamp, glass lanterns, telescopes and other antique artefacts. 

Next time you are waiting for a table, spend some 45 minutes in the Causeway. Will be worth the try.   
Tree of Hope

KitabKhana Purchase along with Tree of Hope and Dainty Flats

OliveBag and the Steals

Yes, I want to start with the word wow. This place lived upto its hype. It was a widely recommend place and was right at the top of my bucket list right along with the Ferry ride and Mirchi and Mime. 
The ambience is amazing, food is delicious, the service was nice, could’ve been better, but food beats everything. 
I’ll give a blow by blow account because, my god, my tastebuds were ballroom dancing all the way. 

We started off with Shiitake and Burrata Croquettes, they seemed like normal kebabs but they surprised us. There was a green, creamy filling on a bed of mushrooms with a mild spicy sauce and skin was crispy garnished with melted cheese. It was an amazing blend of texture and flavours. Lotus Stem starter was the second on, they had prepared dried lotus stem in honey chilly sauce. The crispiness and the sweetness of the sauce were heaven. Then we ordered Kale Pakchoya and Mushroom Goze, Lehsun Sauce, thesis were the dim sums, after the strongly flavoured croquettes and lotus stamp, its flavour paled, we should’ve probably ordered it first. Then we went on to have these amazingly crispy, cheesy and light pizzas on tortillas, Asian Margarita Pizzete. The little pizzas were grated with flaky and melt in mouth mozzarella cheese, we just couldn’t have enough. The last item on the main course was Beer Battered Avocado Tacos Corn and Scallion Kimchi, the acts were light and crunchy, the filling was tangy and the kimchi inside was delicious. The presentation of the dishes won us over, it looked like we were on a Master Chef Australia episode where all the dishes came out laooking like art. They also serves us a pre-appetiser, on the house, the name evades me, so ill attach a picture. It was a watermelon cube in foam. Fancy much?
For dessert we ordered, Liquid Hazelnut Fondant Cake, Matcha, Blueberry Quenelle and Vanilla Pannacotta, Lemon Genoise with Sugar Coated Nuts. Both the desserts were delectable, lightly sweetened, the ice-creams were creamy, subtle flavours like honey and caramel enhanced the palate. If I had to chose out of the two I would go with the second one, even though I'm not too fond of mousse. 
Apart from the meal, my hosts also ordered Wasabi as I had never tasted it before. Needless to say, my watering eyes and smoking nose were a testament enough to the spicer-than-hell sauce. It made my tongue go numb for good 5 seconds. 
All in all, Pa Pa Ya was a good culmination to this amazing day. 
Rating: 4.8/5 
Complimentary Appetiser
Lotus Stem and Kale Pakchoya and Mushroom Goze, Lehsun Sauce

Asian Margarita Pizzete
Beer Battered Avocado Tacos Corn and Scallion Kimchi 

Liquid Hazelnut Fondant Cake, Matcha, Blueberry Quenelle 

Vanilla Pannacotta, Lemon Genoise with Sugar Coated Nuts

I will upload my wish list and this blog will follow my previous and upcoming experiences and escapades in Mumbai. 
Please feel free to suggest places for me to try and soak in Mumbai in all its glory. If there is any other place you would like this townie to visit and savour please don’t hesitate to recommend in the comments below.