Spanish Sitcom in Subtitles

This blog is precisely what the title says. I've been watching a Spanish Sitcom, Las Chicas Del Cable on Netflix, reading the subtitles. 

The series narrates the story of "Cable Girls", girls who were the telephone operators in Madrid set in the 1920s and the hardships faced by the working women.
"In 1928 women were essentially seen as accessories to be shown off, objects unable to express an opinion or make a decision", with these lines the show begins and sets an important precedent to the show. 
After Death Note, the is the second drama series I've watched (read) like this. 
Honestly, this show isn't different from other drama shows we see on TV. It explores adultery, love, friendship, hope, faith and oozing with sexuality and betrayal. All the ingredients needed for a good drama show and more...Like women empowerment, suffragists, impact of technology on livelihoods, friendships in women, gender change issues and much, much more. Its a concoction of dreams, bravery and sisterhood. 

The cinematic experience is spell-binding and you are hooked to the show for the haute-couture, the dazzling city of Madrid and you fall in love with Spanish. At least I did. 

Although the language of the show is Spanish, the songs, even the title track is in English. 
Some of the songs which have made it to my playlist are: 

What. makes this show personally appealing is the way they have dealt with certain issues our world is still battling with like polyamorous relationships, feeling of being trapped in the wrong body, domestic abuse and working rights of women. Though it is set in the 1920s the threads woven by the creators are relevant even today. It is truly a modern show with a vintage hue.

Being a soap drama, there are parts when the predictability gets to you. The evil villain, unrequited love and opulence are facets we all are bored of... or are we? 
When blended with women rights, feminist men and women fighting to take on the world, you realise its all part of the story, the setting of the scene to truly empower the women of today. 
Women, who get lost in love inspite of having ice in their veins. 
Women, who stand up for friends inspite of being in trouble themselves. 
Women, who face the world head-on when there is little to be brave about.

Give it try. You might not love it but you might just get dragged into the drama of it all!