Five Must Read Books This Summer

1. Flawed and Perfect Duology- Cecelia Ahern

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I might be late to the party but these books had me glued since the word go! Cecelia, like always, has created a world, this time dystopian world. Bordering on George Orwell's 1984 this story takes you to a place where everything is Perfect and it's a crime to be Flawed. Read for yourself and find out what happens when perfection is found to be flawed. Its a roller coaster ride, so keep your seat belts on!

2. The Other Boleyn Girl- Phillipa Gregory
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A story set in the Tudor Court, this historical novel has all the ingredients to keep you hooked. A royal family, a scandal, betrayals and sisterhood. Two Boleyn girls are stuck in a rivalry ignited by their power hungry families because to rise high in the King's eyes, you need to sacrifice. You'll love Anne Boleyn and then you'll hate her but at the end you'll be left in awe of her. You'll keep researching and oscillating between reality and fiction yet you might never know the truth but this Drama-Tragedy is all you need this summer!

3. Eye of the Needle-Ken Follett: 

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If thrillers make you high, Eye of the Needle is the perfect thriller and a bestseller of Ken Follett. Ken Follett is known for weaving worlds our of words and this book is a blood stained story weaved in  A spy novel set in the world war, it is a gripping tale, with a kickass spy who is a clean assassin, a woman stranded on an island, a detective harrowed by his role in the war and countries at stake. It is not just another spy novel, it is the spy novel.  Either read it on Kindle or buy your copy but don't miss out on reading this tale.

4. Jessie Burton's The Muse:  
If you love art, read it. 
If you love drama, read it. 
If you love mystery, read it.
If you think thats all, not really. It explores the life and challenges of an artist set in Southern Spain. A multitude human emotions are explored through the novel. The mystic surrounding a painting will suck you into a whirlpool and there is no escaping. There are two parallel narrative one of the 1967 London and another of the valleys of Spain in the 60s. Being someone who loves novels based art their sure has me hook, line and sinker. Pick it up and see for yourself if it rocks your summer.

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5. The Woman in the Window by A.J.Finn 

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This book might not move you but will surely be a page turner. For days when you just want to escape in a novel this is the perfect pick. A thriller which is engrossing, intriguing and totally worth it. There are mesmerising characters, twists and turns every corner and all the can't-put-it-down ingredients. If you, like me, believe in a day of vacation with a novel, this is the right one for you my friend.