Writer/Not Writer

Writers suffer from writer's block and here I am feeling like I'm just blocked. Period. I've not written in ages. 

Am I even a writer any more? 

Was I ever a writer?

That's true, I haven't written in ages, but that's just here. I've been writing stories, short stories, I don't have the patience, tenacity or imagination for a novel it seems. One day, maybe. 

Anyway, coming to this blog here, I'm unsure why it's been so dormant. I love writing, I honestly do. I don't know if I'm convincing you or myself right now but yeah. I find peace in my thoughts taking the white space of my screen, out from the dark abyss of my mind, translating into something tangible.

If you are looking for a point in my post today, there isn't one. I'm just writing for the sake of it. Without pressing the backspace even once. It's an outpour guys, save yourself while you can!

Our world right now is in a turmoil of its own and our fuzzy, grey brain is a testament to that confusion. Do you need any more time to stop? We've been still for 4 months and been restless and now that we are moving, there is another kind of restlessness to remain still. We always want what we don't have right?

The lockdown, the pandemic, the corona has been an eye-opening ride for everyone. I've certainly graduated in life, if there ever was a series of tests we have to pass in life I think I passed some... switched jobs - for the first time, got married, and got married again - yes did that twice, bought a car and can call a place home in Mumbai. Adulting 101. 

Want to know how I feel? So do I, let me know when you find out.

On the topic of jobs, I had an existential question, who is happy with their job? I love writing, like I haven't said that enough, but if it were my job I'm pretty sure I'd get sick of it. Or would I? Would you?

Marriage on the other hand suits me well. I don't even feel like anything has changed between us, on the other hand I've got one person who I can travel with at all times. How cool is that? I'm thinking this thought deserves a longer post, the thought of marriage, not just travel. Though that too. 

I think I'll stop the ramble now.

If anyone on the dark or light web reads this do let me know what you think in the comments. Not necessarily about the blog but about anything in life. Also, it'll let me know these words have reached somewhere, someone.